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Sonic Nectar Bursting Alive! (The Void.C)



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The Unwriters is a four piece band from 4 different countries (France, Italy, UK, USA) that launched in 2018. Described as an anonymous concept ghost band, they are made up of Z: Songwriter, guitars, lead vocals, Twister (She): Keyboards, piano, vocals, tambourine. Mel: Bass, guitar, vocals and Pat: Drums and percussion. A blues-influenced alternative rock band, The Unwriters work in both analog reel-to-reel tape, and digital systems, often recording together live in the studio. They have released a series of critically acclaimed singles, as well as, two EP’s. Including their own version of “Tomorrow Never Knows” – a Beatles cover. Collectively the band has over twenty five years experience in the underground music scene, between gigs, studios and sessions.


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Belluno - Italy

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